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How to create the perfect birthday wishlist

May 9, 2023

How many times have you received a birthday gift only to shove it in a cupboard never again to see the light of day? If that sounds like you, a birthday wishlist is the answer!

To create the perfect birthday wishlist, you’ll need to include items that span a range of price points and share it with your friends and family well in advance. Read on for more top tips.

Why having a birthday wishlist is important

First things first, a birthday wishlist is a fantastic way to ensure that everyone’s on the same page when your birthday rolls around this year.

Receiving mountains of unwanted gifts is hugely wasteful. Not only is it a waste of your loved ones’ hard-earned cash, but it’s also bad for the planet. Just think: you’re receiving brand-new items that are likely to get thrown away after barely any use!

Instead, a birthday wishlist can help to ensure you only receive things for your birthday that you actually want. This means you’ll put all the gifts you receive to good use. And it also means your friends and family can avoid the stress of trying to second guess what you want for your birthday.

Ultimately, it’s good for your loved ones and good for you. They’ll know exactly what to buy to put a smile on your face. And you can enjoy opening gifts that are right up your street when your big day arrives!

Tips for creating the perfect birthday wishlist

When you come to put together your birthday wishlist, there are a few general rules you should follow.

  • Include items that span a range of price points. This will ensure that nobody is forced to spend more on your gift than they feel comfortable with.

  • Add things you want, not just things you need. That way, your birthday will be a whole lot more exciting. After all, what are birthdays for if it’s not treating yourself?!

  • Be specific. A vague request like ‘a new bag’ leaves plenty of room for error. Moonsift lets you link directly to the exact item you want, from any store in the world, so everyone’s on the same page.

  • Think about who’s buying your gifts. If you’re going to be sending your birthday wishlist to your boss, avoid adding lingerie or an ‘I hate my job’ mug, for instance!

  • Include roughly 10 to 20 items. Then, you can make sure you actually want every item on your wishlist while still giving your loved ones plenty of choice.

  • Start your wishlist early and add items as you come across them online. That way, you won’t be left racking your brain the month before your birthday. Moonsift’s universal ‘save’ button makes adding items on the go oh-so-easy.

Top 10 items to include in your birthday wishlist

The best items for you to include on your birthday wishlist will depend on your likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. However, if you add each of these 10 ideas to your wishlist, you’ll be sure to receive a variety of gifts that you’ll love.

  1. Something to wear

  2. Something to read

  3. Something to eat or drink

  4. Something for your home

  5. Something for your favourite hobby (eg. sports gear or a new musical instrument)

  6. An experience

  7. A voucher (eg. for a meal out, beauty treatment or massage)

  8. A donation to a charity of your choice

  9. A subscription (eg. newspaper, magazine, flowers or coffee)

  10. Financial contributions

If you create your birthday wishlist on Moonsift, you’ll be able to add details of a cash fund for your friends and family to contribute money towards instead of physical gifts. It’s a great way to collect contributions towards a bigger purchase, like a car or a big trip!

How to share your birthday wishlist with friends and family

It can feel awkward asking people for gifts, but we promise there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about! Here are a few general tips to help you share your birthday wishlist worry-free.

  • Send it to people who you know will buy you a gift. If someone buys you a birthday present every year, it should be fine to ping your wishlist over to them uninvited. But if someone doesn’t usually buy you a gift, it’s better to wait until you’re asked. Which brings us onto…

  • Wait to be asked. If you’re not sure whether or not you should send your birthday wishlist to someone, wait until they ask what you want for your birthday. That’s your cue to pop your wishlist over!

  • Send it out in good time. Don’t wait until your birthday month to pop over your birthday wishlist. Instead, send it over a month or two in advance. That way, anyone who’s super organised won’t have already bought your gift!

How to share your wishlist from a birthday wishlist website

If you use a birthday wishlist website like Moonsift, sharing your wishlist with your family and friends will be quick and easy.

Instead of having to write out what you want into a message for everyone individually, you can simply send them the link to your birthday wishlist. That’s right, you just have to ping over one link, and your loved ones will be able to view everything you’re after with one quick click!

Why using a birthday wishlist maker is a game changer

If you’re creating a birthday wishlist ready for your big day, you’ll likely be choosing between:

  • Creating a traditional wishlist with pen and paper

  • Writing out what you want to everyone individually on WhatsApp

  • Using a birthday wishlist website

Don’t get us wrong, wishlists created with pen and paper served us well for many years. But they had major downsides too. Not only did we have to deal with crossings out and spelling mistakes, but they were hard to share with more than one person – and easy to lose!

Meanwhile, writing out individual WhatsApp messages is time consuming. With so many links flying around, it’s easy to lose track of who you’ve sent what. And how do you make sure that two people don’t buy you the same gift?

That’s why birthday wishlist websites are the way forward.

Why using a birthday wishlist website is beneficial

There are so many positives to using a birthday wishlist website. Here are the benefits to creating a birthday wishlist on Moonsift:

  • Keep track of everything in one easy-to-manage place

  • Acclaimed for its clean design

  • Avoid duplicate gifts by setting your wishlist to ‘registry’ mode

  • Link directly to the items you want

  • Save items as you discover them online with our universal ‘save’ button

  • Share it with anybody with one simple link

  • Add items from your mobile and desktop

  • Add details of a cash fund

And best of all? You get all of that for free!

How to create a wishlist on a birthday wishlist website

Making a birthday wishlist online is easy.

  1. Sign up to your chosen birthday wishlist website

  2. Brainstorm birthday wishlist ideas

  3. Add your chosen items

  4. Check your wishlist carefully

  5. Send it to family and friends

The top birthday wishlist websites available

There are lots of birthday wishlist websites to choose from. However, the best gift registries for creating a birthday wishlist include:


  • Gift Whale

  • Amazon

  • Moonsift

These websites all allow you to add items from anywhere on the web (although Amazon is focused largely on its own items). And you can also use them to create wishlists for any occasion. So, once your birthday is out of the way, you can go on to create a Christmas wishlist or, if you have occasion to, even a baby registry or wedding registry.

However, Moonsift is a cut above the rest. It’s free, it lets you add details of a cash fund, it’s easy to navigate and it has both a desktop plug-in and iOS app available. Oh, and it was even designed together with stylists and interior designers, so it looks great too!

Step-by-step guide to creating a birthday wish list on Moonsift

If you’re ready to create a birthday wishlist, what are you waiting for? Follow these simple steps and your birthday wishlist will be ready to share before you know it.

  1. Sign up

  2. Pin our browser extension/plugin to your toolbar on desktop

  3. Download our app on your phone

  4. Give your Christmas wishlist a name

  5. Start saving items to your list

And that’s it! You’re ready to start sharing your wishlist with your family and friends with one simple link.

Remember, Moonsift lets you add items from any store in the world. By downloading our app and getting our browser extension, you’ll be able to save items you like straight to your list wherever you’re browsing – whether that’s on your phone or laptop. Just get started to see what everyone’s banging on about.