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A hand tapping apps on a phone screen
A hand tapping apps on a phone screen

Universal Wishlist App - Become An Expert Shopper

May 30, 2023

Fed up with links floating around here, there and everywhere when you’re shopping online? Hate answering the question ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ every year? Solve both problems in one fell swoop with the help of a universal wishlist app.

Universal wishlist apps make it quick and hassle-free to save all the items you like in one easy-to-manage place. That way, you can compare things you like until you’re ready to buy – or share your lists with friends and family when an occasion like a birthday or Christmas rolls around. Here’s the lowdown.

Introduction to universal wishlist apps

You’ve probably heard of a wishlist. Most online stores will let you create one so you can save items you like until you’re ready to buy.

The problem? When I use a store’s wishlist feature, I can only save items from that particular store. So, it can be easy to lose track of where my items are saved and hard to compare similar items across multiple websites.

Universal wishlist apps work in a similar way, but instead of restricting you to items from one store, they’re… well… universal! In other words, they give you one dedicated place to save everything you like from across the web.

That means they’re perfect for keeping track of everything you have your eye on until you’re ready to make a purchase. Or for comparing items across multiple stores so you can invest your hard-earned cash in the perfect one.

Better still, you can use universal wishlist apps to create birthday wishlists, Christmas wishlists, baby registries and more. That way, your friends and family can see what you’re lusting after and get you things you actually want ahead of a special occasion. Nice!

Benefits of using a universal wishlist app

There are so many benefits of using a universal wishlist app. For starters, you’ll be able to:

  1. Keep track of everything you like in one easy-to-manage place

  2. Compare items you like from across the web

  3. Share your wishlist with family and friends who want to buy you gifts

If you choose to use Moonsift, you’ll get a whole host of other benefits too…

  • It’s free! That’s right, creating a wishlist on Moonsift won’t cost you a penny.

  • Save as you go. Instead of having to sit down and create your wishlist in one go, Moonsift’s universal ‘save’ button lets you add items to your list as you come across them online.

  • It looks good. Moonsift is acclaimed for its clean design, which was created together with stylists and interior designers.

  • Get items for less. Moonsift will let you know if any items you’ve saved go down in price, so you can buy them at their cheapest.

  • Easy to share. Share your wishlist with friends and family with one simple link.

  • Avoid duplicate gifts. Set your wishlist to ‘gift registry’ mode and your loved ones will be able to see what items are available to buy and tick items off as they go.

  • Keep it a surprise. On ‘gift registry’ setting, you can choose to reveal what’s been bought and by who when you choose – so, you can keep it a surprise for a special occasion or sneak a quick peek if you fancy!

  • Add details of a cash fund. Got your eye on something big, like a new car or special holiday? Moonsift lets you add details of a cash fund to your wishlist, so friends and family can easily chip in.

  • Add items from your mobile and desktop. Moonsift isn’t just a mobile app – we also have a browser extension for your desktop. That way, you can save items to one central wishlist, wherever you’re surfing the web.

How to use a universal wishlist app

Universal wishlist apps all work slightly differently. However, the process will generally look something like this:

  1. Get the app. Download your chosen universal wishlist app on your phone or tablet and sign up for an account. You might be able to download a browser extension on your desktop too, so you can access your wishlist across all your devices.

  2. Add your items. Some apps will require you to manually add the items you like to your wishlist. However, other universal wishlist apps like Moonsift will let you save items directly to your collections as you come across them online.

  3. Hone it. Now you have all the items you like in one place, you can compare them and cut your wishlist down to just the items you really want.

  4. Get your items! Finally, all that’s left is to buy your items when you’re ready. Or, send your wishlist to friends and family so they can get your gift sorted ahead of a special occasion.****

Top universal wishlist apps

Want to know which are the most popular wishlist apps? Here are a few:

  • Moonsift


  • MyRegistry

  • Amazon

  • Things To Get Me

  • Wishbob

  • Giftwhale

The above universal wishlist apps will all let you add any item in the world (although to do so on Amazon, you’ll have to use the wedding registry feature). They also all function on both desktop and mobile, so you can add to your wishlist wherever you’re browsing. Nice!

Just bear in mind that most of these apps are geared towards helping you to create wishlists for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, weddings and more – as opposed to letting you save items you like until you’re ready to buy. Apart from Moonsift, of course, which is designed for you to do both!

2023 update: it's no longer possible to add items to your Amazon Lists from outside of Amazon. Learn about the best Amazon List alternatives here.

Introduction to shopping apps

Using a mobile device like a phone or tablet to shop online? Then a mobile shopping app can be a great alternative to using a brand’s website. It’s basically just another way for you to browse and buy items, which has been designed with the device you’re using in mind.

We bet your favourite online brands all have their own shopping apps. In fact, the majority of transactions now take place on apps as opposed to more traditional websites!

Luckily, you can use a universal wishlist app like Moonsift to save items you like directly from your favourite shopping apps. That means you’ll have one central place where you can collect all the items you’ve got your eye on – wherever and whenever you first saw them.

Benefits of using a shopping app

Wondering why you might want to use a shopping app as opposed to browsing online? Well, you’ll usually get a really seamless experience as, unlike traditional websites, mobile apps have been designed especially for your mobile device. Other benefits include:

  • Get a more personalised shopping experience

  • Receive alerts, such as push notifications

  • Access some functionality offline

  • Apps can work faster than websites

Popular shopping apps

Just a few of the most popular shopping apps include:

  • Temu

  • Shop by Shopify

  • Klarna

  • Etsy

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Klarna

Don’t forget, if you see items you like while you’re using any of these shopping apps, you can save them to your universal wishlist app. That way, you’ll know exactly where they are when you’re ready to buy – or, you can share your wishlist with friends and family so they can get you the perfect gift.

How to save items you want to buy using an app

Whether you’re browsing using a traditional website or a mobile shopping app, it’s easy to save things you like straight to Moonsift’s universal wishlist app. Simply:

  1. Find an item you like

  2. Press any share button

  3. Select Moonsift

And that’s it! Your item will be saved straight to your Moonsift collections.

Ready to get started? Simply download the Moonsift app for iOS from the App Store.

Oh, and don’t forget to get our browser extension for your desktop too – that way, you can save items to your wishlist wherever you’re browsing. Enjoy!