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What should I give my boyfriend for his birthday?

May 16, 2023

If your stress levels go through the roof when your boyfriend’s birthday rolls around each year, you’re not alone. Figuring out what to give your boyfriend for his birthday is no simple task – whether you’ve only just coupled up or you’ve been together for donkey’s years.

If you’re stuck, try to give your boyfriend something personal that shows you’ve listened to his interests. Or, consider what you enjoy doing together and fork out on a fun experience for the two of you. Fear not, we’ll give you some ideas here!

What should I gift my BF on his birthday?

Every man is different, and so is every relationship! So, when you’re umming and ahhing about what to get your boyfriend, bear these things in mind.

  • What are his hobbies? First things first, think about your boyfriend’s hobbies and interests. Getting him some gear or memorabilia related to them could be a nice touch that shows how well you know him.

  • What did he buy you for your birthday? If you’re not sure how big to go with his present, consider what your boyfriend got you for your birthday. If he just got you a box of chocolates, getting him a MacBook might be a bit much.

  • How much do you want to spend? It’s important that you feel comfortable about your budget. Small gifts can often be the most personal, so there’s no need to spend lots if you’re feeling strapped.

  • What do you enjoy doing together? Bear in mind that gifts don’t have to be items – they can also be experiences for you to do together. For instance, if you love eating out as a couple, why not book a meal at a restaurant that your boyfriend’s always wanted to try?

  • Does he have any old or outdated belongings? Do a mental checklist of any belongings your boyfriend has that could do with replacing. Just remember to look at them through his eyes – buying a replacement for his favourite woolly jumper might come across as a little passive aggressive!

  • What does he want for his birthday? Perhaps most importantly of all, make sure you ask him what he wants for his birthday! Better yet, get him to create a birthday wishlist so that you’re both on the same page. Creating one on Moonsift is quick, easy and free!

List of gifts to give your boyfriend on his birthday

If you’re still thinking ‘okay, but I still don’t know what to get my boyfriend for his birthday!’ then don’t worry. Here, we’ll give you some birthday gift ideas to suit a range of different personalities and price points.

While you’re still collecting ideas, why not save any items you like to a collection on Moonsift? That way, you can keep track of everything you’re considering in one place, ready for you to buy once you’re ready.

List of birthday gifts for boyfriend: film

If your boyfriend is a bit of a film buff, you’ll have tons of options for what to buy him. Here are our top ten.

  1. Movie projector

  2. Cinema tickets

  3. Subscription to a film streaming service

  4. Soundbar

  5. Tickets to a film screening and Q&A

  6. Framed poster of his favourite film

  7. Popcorn maker

  8. Subscription to a film magazine

  9. Vinyl record of his favourite movie soundtrack

  10. Cult movie t-shirt

List of gifts for boyfriend on his birthday: music

Is your boyfriend super into his music? In that case, why not go down the music theme when picking out his birthday gift?

  1. Concert tickets for his favourite band

  2. Framed poster of his favourite artist

  3. Vinyl record player

  4. Tickets to a music festival

  5. Subscription to a music streaming service

  6. Musical instrument

  7. Wireless headphones

  8. Sound system

  9. Vinyl record of his favourite song or album

  10. Merchandise from his favourite artist

List of gifts for boyfriend’s birthday: self-care

If your boyfriend is into self-care – or he’s had a bit of a hard time lately and could use some TLC – these gifts are sure to be appreciated.

  1. Spa day

  2. Beard grooming kit

  3. Massage voucher

  4. Dressing gown

  5. Bath salts

  6. Smoothie maker

  7. Skincare set

  8. Sheet masks

  9. Grooming subscription box

  10. Sleep mask

What to gift your boyfriend on his birthday: sport

Is your other half a bit of a sports nut? Whether he likes watching or participating, here are some ideas that could be right up his street.

  1. New sports equipment (eg. a tennis racket or golf club)

  2. Biography of his favourite sportsperson

  3. Season ticket for his favourite team

  4. Subscription to Sky Sports

  5. Trainers or football boots

  6. Private lesson in his favourite sport (or a sport that he wants to get into)

  7. Tour of a sporting ground

  8. Sportswear

  9. Tickets for a sporting event

  10. Framed print of his favourite sporting ground

What to give your boyfriend for his birthday: upmarket gentleman

If your boyfriend likes the finer things in life, check out these birthday gift ideas for some inspiration.

  1. Cologne

  2. Watch

  3. Meal out

  4. Cufflinks

  5. Headphones

  6. Jacket

  7. Tickets to a show

  8. Designer bag

  9. Personal shopping experience

  10. Shoes

Birthday gift list for boyfriend: gaming

Going out with a gamer? Then getting your boyfriend the perfect birthday present won’t be hard.

  1. Latest release of his favourite game

  2. Gaming chair

  3. Gaming console

  4. Subscription to a gaming magazine

  5. Personalised mouse mat

  6. Gaming LED lights

  7. Tickets to a gaming convention or festival

  8. New game he wants to try

  9. Handheld gaming device

  10. Wireless gaming headset

List of birthday gifts for your gastronome boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a bit of a foodie – and appreciates a drink now and then – give these food-and-drink-inspired gifts a look-over.

  1. Voucher for a restaurant’s tasting menu

  2. Beer or wine subscription

  3. Personalised drinking glasses

  4. New cookbook

  5. Wine rack or beer display stand

  6. Tour of a vineyard, brewery or distillery

  7. Wine, beer or gin tasting experience

  8. Private chef for the evening

  9. Home brewing kit

  10. Personalised apron

What to get your boyfriend for his 21st birthday?

Turning 21 is a big deal. So, if your boyfriend’s 21st is on the horizon, you’ll probably want to put in a little extra effort. But what should you get him?

Well, the traditional gift for a 21st birthday present is a key pendant – a tradition that harks back to the time when at 21, you were considered old enough to own a key to your family’s home. So, a personalised keyring could be a fun twist on tradition (and a cute romantic keepsake).

21 is also the legal drinking age in a number of countries. So, a birthday gift that incorporates alcohol in some way could be fitting.

That said, the sky’s the limit and there are no rules when it comes to what to give your boyfriend for his 21st!

Gifts for 21st birthday list for boyfriend

These 21st gift ideas would be perfect for your boyfriend to treasure long after his 21st is over – whether we’re talking romantic keepsakes or memories that last a lifetime.

  1. Special meal in a memorable location (like the top of the Shard in London)

  2. Engraved watch

  3. Personalised drinking glasses

  4. Romantic weekend away

  5. Personalised keyring

  6. Wine tasting experience

  7. Hot air balloon ride

  8. Custom-made suit

  9. Wine from the year he was born

  10. Engraved cufflinks

Create a birthday gift list for your boyfriend

Now you’ve got some inspo, it’s time to start browsing birthday gifts ready for your boyfriend’s big day. To make life easier, why not start a birthday gift list for your boyfriend on Moonsift?

Our universal save button means you can collect everything you like the look of in one place, so you can quickly compare things and buy when you’re ready. We’ll even let you know if the price drops so you can make the most of sales!

Alternatively, if you want to play it safe, you could ask your boyfriend to create a birthday wishlist himself – or make one with him. That way, you’ll know exactly what he wants so you can guarantee to put a smile on his face. If you use the ‘gift registry’ function on Moonsift, you can even share his wishlist with his friends and family so you can all mark items off without him seeing, and make his birthday as special as possible!

Either way, you just need to sign up to get started.