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How can I organise my birthday?

May 22, 2023

If you’re counting down the months or weeks to a big birthday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details. There’s the cake, the venue, the guest list, your entertainment choice… the list goes on. And that’s not to mention all those people who still haven’t RSVP’d!

Starting early will help you to stay on top of everything and reduce your stress levels, so you can let your hair down and enjoy your special day. Here, we’ll show you how to organise your birthday, from picking a theme to generating birthday wishlist ideas.

How do I organise my birthday?

Organising your own birthday party might sound daunting, but it really isn’t rocket science. Follow these 10 simple steps to nail the organisation side of things.

To keep track of everything you need, why not use Moonsift? Our free universal ‘save’ button lets you keep track of everything you’re considering in one easy-to-manage place until you’re ready to buy. We’ll even let you know if any items you like go on sale!

1. Choose a party theme

The first thing to do is decide on a party theme or style. This will influence all your other choices about the day, from the food and drink to the decor, entertainment and venue.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Disco theme

  • Funfair theme

  • Laidback BBQ

  • Black and white ball

  • Dinner party

  • Murder mystery night

  • Hollywood Oscars theme

  • Roman toga party

  • Tea party

Remember, this is your birthday party. So, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to the style or theme – it’s all about what you would most enjoy. If you can pick a theme that’s personal to you, that’s better still!

2. Decide on a budget

Next, you’ll need to decide how much you want to spend on your birthday in total. It’s vital that you pinpoint your budget before choosing the finer details like your venue and catering, as otherwise you could be left spending way more than you want to.

According to a study by VoucherCodes, the average cost of a party marking a special birthday in the UK is £382. However, you could spend less by choosing to do a laid-back party at home, or more by hosting a formal do in a swanky venue.

3. Pick a date

You’ll need to decide when to host your party. Even though you’re celebrating your birthday, your party doesn’t have to be on your big day itself. Instead, consider:

  • When are the venues you like available?

  • Are there any dates that your nearest and dearest can’t make?

  • Could you choose a weekend to make it easier to get everyone together?

4. Book a venue

If you’re trying to keep costs down, your birthday party venue could simply be your house. However, if you’d rather host your party elsewhere, you’ll need to book a venue before inviting your friends and family.

There are lots of different kinds of venues that hire out spaces for occasions like birthdays. Choosing the right venue for you will depend on your budget, theme and the number of people you’re hoping to invite. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sports club

  • Pub or bar

  • Museum

  • Village hall

  • Restaurant

  • Ballroom

  • Boat

  • Cinema

  • Gallery

  • Auditorium

  • Hotel

5. Make a guest list

Now decide who you’d like to invite to your party. You’ll need to bear in mind your venue’s capacity when you’re pulling your guest list together. However, hopefully you already had a rough idea of how many people you wanted to invite when you picked out your venue!

If you’re worried about numbers, try to create a general rule that will apply to everyone, so that nobody feels hard done by. For instance, you might choose not to invite your friends’ partners if you haven’t met them. Or, you might decide not to give anybody a plus one.

6. Choose your food and drinks

When you’re picking out what food and drinks you’d like to offer your guests, consider your party style and budget. 

If you’re planning a relaxed lunch gathering at home, you could simply provide a cold buffet – we’re thinking sandwiches and finger food. Or, if you’re planning a grander occasion, you might want to go all out with catering and waiting staff. Just be sure to find out whether your guests have allergies and dietary requirements, so that everyone is catered for.

7. Get a birthday cake!

No birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake. Home-made, commissioned, purchased… as long as it’s tasty, we’re easy!

8. Choose your entertainment

When we say ‘entertainment,’ we certainly don’t mean that you have to invest in circus performers or fireworks (although if that sounds up your street, by all means go for it!). Think about what vibe you’re going for and brainstorm some ways to keep your guests entertained that fit.

Entertainment can be as simple as creating a Spotify playlist, enlisting a DJ or putting out some garden games!

9. Create a birthday wishlist

Before you send out your invites, make sure to create a birthday wishlist.

Your guests will all want to get you a birthday present. Putting together a birthday gift wishlist will save them the trouble of guessing what you want. And it will ensure that you receive birthday gifts that aren’t going to get stashed away in a drawer gathering dust.

You can make a birthday wishlist for free on Moonsift. Simply set your collection to ‘gift registry’ mode and your friends and family will be able to tick items off your list without any risk of getting two of the same thing. You can even choose to keep what they get you a surprise until the big day (or, you can sneak a quick peek if you’re feeling impatient!).

10. Send out invites

Last but not least, it’s time to send out your birthday party invitations!

Make sure to include the:

  • Date

  • Time (and duration!)

  • Venue and address

  • Theme

  • Dress code

  • RSVP information

  • Link to your birthday wishlist

We’d also recommend putting a reminder in your calendar to chase up anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d by a certain date. That way, you won’t be left in the dark about how many people are planning to attend just days before the big day!

Why you should use a birthday party list maker

Hosting a party comes with lots of stuff – from food and drinks to decor, entertainment and, of course, your all-important party outfit!

Using a birthday party list maker like Moonsift will mean you can collate everything you need in one easy-to-manage place. With Moonsift’s universal ‘save’ button, you can simply add things to your list as you come across them while you’re browsing online – on both your laptop and phone. 

That way, you won’t end up with links floating around here, there and everywhere. And, when you come to purchase things for your party, it’ll be quick and easy.

How to make a sweet 16 birthday

Planning a sweet 16 birthday party isn’t all that different from organising a party for another big birthday. You’ll still need to consider the theme, budget, venue, guestlist, food and entertainment. 

The only real difference is that the party will be for a load of 16 year olds! So, you’ll need to consider party themes and styles that will resonate. For instance, if you’re looking to do a low-key sweet 16 at home, you could opt for a slumber party, spa party, movie night or glamping party.

That said, if you’re looking to throw a bigger do, there are a few sweet 16 traditions that you could consider incorporating.

  1. The big entrance. The birthday girl or boy often arrives last for a sweet 16, and their arrival is announced (often by a DJ).

  2. Shoe and crowning ceremony. This is one more commonly enacted by birthday girls as opposed to boys. The newly turned 16-year-old enters wearing a pair of flats, then switches them for a pair of high heels and a tiara, usually brought in by her father.

  3. The candle-lighting ceremony. The birthday girl or boy invites 16 guests to help light their 16 birthday candles. It’s usually an opportunity to thank important family members, friends and a romantic partner if there is one.

  4. The daddy-daughter dance. Traditionally, a teenage girl turning 16 will share a dance with her father. It’s a precursor to the dance they’ll share if she gets married.

How can I organise my birthday without a party?

Of course, just because it’s your birthday, that doesn’t mean you have to host a massive party. If you’d rather celebrate in a subtler way, here are a few ideas that could be equally special.

  • See a show

  • Go to the cinema

  • Go out for dinner

  • Spend the night in a hotel

  • Enjoy a spa day

  • Go to an amusement park

  • Have some friends round for dinner

What is the best gift for my birthday?

If being asked what you want for your birthday each year fills you with fear, don’t worry. Here, we’ll give you some all-important inspo for your birthday wishlist (top tip: birthday gifts don’t always have to be items!). 

Wishlist ideas for your birthday

  • Subscriptions (eg. flowers, coffee or magazines)

  • Replacements for your old or outdated belongings

  • Experiences (eg. hot air balloon ride, spa day, meal out)

  • Charity donations

  • Sponsoring someone or something

  • Vouchers (eg. for your favourite restaurant, shop or beauty treatment)

Moonsift also gives you the option to add details of a cash fund to your birthday wishlist. That way, you can encourage your friends and family to chip in towards a bigger gift, such as a big holiday or a new car!

Save your birthday wishlist ideas with Moonsift

If you’re getting ready to celebrate a birthday, big or small, Moonsift is the tool for you. Not only can you use it to collate all the products you need for your party, but you can also use it to create the perfect birthday wishlist.

Simply set your list to ‘gift registry’ function and send your friends and family the link. They’ll be able to view your wishlist with one quick click and buy you a gift they know you’ll love.

Ready to create your birthday wishlist? Just sign up to get started. 

Psst! Did we mention that it’s free?!